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We help you build and operate a supply chain to gain competitive edge through increased agility.

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Responsive supply chain structure

A responsive supply chain can turn surprises into opportunities. In order to become responsive a company must take decisive actions to reduce the effort, capital and risks required to operate the company in a normal state. This requires supply chain management designed to keep options open, transparency to detect changes early on and operative practices that enable fast and coordinated responses.

Winning tomorrow requires a supply chain that is built for agility.

Responsive supply chain

A responsive supply chain is valuable only if put in use

Making use of the more agile and responsive supply chain means profound changes for a company. It requires a mindset change from operating processes reactively to proactively searching for change opportunities and then implementing changes effectively. It also requires shifting the focus from processes to results and increasing the clock speed of the organization.


These kinds of changes are not one-off activities but rather form a journey that takes place over time. Once responsiveness has been embedded into the organization as a self-sustained and standard way of working it makes daily work more engaging and meaningful for professionals – and forms a source of competitive advantage that is very hard for competitors to copy.


Why work with us?


Catch the rising waves and bail out from falling ones

Quickly identify changes in demand and supply and understand the root causes. Plan coordinated responses and implement the changes fast. A responsive supply chain allows you to minimize your risk position and advance commitments. Capacent can offer tailor-made S&OP, supply chain flexibility and risk sharing solutions supported with scalable analytics.


Enable profitable organic growth

Agile supply chains absorb little cash in e.g. inventories, and thus enable profitable organic growth. Capacent has a world-class track record in implementing ‘cash for growth’ net working capital programs at various companies across a range of industries and has helped clients adjust their planning and decision-making to win in the new markets or businesses.


Achieve sustainable change

Our projects are built around close collaboration with our customer’s team to ensure full knowledge transfer. At the end of the project the customer’s team has the ability to independently operate, update and continue to develop all parts of the revised tools, processes and practices.

Key benefits of responsive supply chains

  • A responsive supply chain means that all time is not spent with operating business as usual, and businesses can seize new opportunities

  • Agile supply chains help improve the profitability of products with shorter life cycles and make it easier to execute structural business changes. Capacent has successfully helped companies enter different competitive environments, including transitions from B2B to B2C.
  • Responsive supply chains help operate products in different stages of their life cycles according to different priorities

  • Operative models that have been intentionally designed rather than evolved over time are more quickly scalable after potential mergers or acquisitions – and this also applies to supply chains

How we work with you - From a business case to measured sustainable results

We tailor our projects according to the specific needs of our customers.

  • Begin by understanding the customer’s business and specific needs to make sure we are solving the right problem
  • Hands-on collaboration with the customer’s team



  • Fact-based approach, based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Weekly project & change management with individual coaching 

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What we do?

Some specific example areas where we can help you:

  • Defining supply chain(s) to match business needs – KPIs, cadence, decisions, flexibility, cost structure, risk position…


  • Process development – clear and efficient processes for increased clock speed from identification to implementation

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