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We help optimize your pricing to support your commercial strategy and achieve profitable growth.

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A well-defined pricing strategy drives revenue and customer satisfaction

Your pricing strategy and how you execute it has a direct impact on your bottom line. Grow your revenue and increase your customer satisfaction by taking a strategic approach to optimizing your pricing.


Capacent has helped companies across different industries develop new pricing models for their core and ancillary product or service offerings. We ensure transparent and efficient pricing processes are in place to minimize price leakage so your company does not lose out on revenue.

Build a roadmap to pricing excellence

1. Ensure your offering is both compelling and competitive

Start with gathering understand the underlying needs of your customer segments and create compelling value propositions to your customers. Sometimes this means simplifying the offering to make it easier to communicate the benefits to potential customers, or restructuring price lists and discounting frameworks to better match different customer segments.

2. Understand how your pricing actions impact your profitability

It is necessary to bring to light the impact of both the on- and off-invoice discounts in order to get a holistic picture of profitability improvement potential. Analyze your pricing data by structuring and visualizing datasets on for example product and customer profitability. 

3. Be proactive and take the first steps

Our recommendation is to begin with a thorough Current-state Analysis of transactional data, interviews with key internal stakeholders and end customers. The aim is to get a fact-based view into your business, the pricing process, potential sources of price leakage and areas for improvement.

Our team can usually get this done in a time frame of 4-6 weeks. We then present the results to our client in a workshop and together form a development roadmap: where do we see the most potential, and how complex and time-consuming are the issues to resolve / develop? How should the initiatives be prioritized? Where are the quick wins?

Why work with us?


Enable profitable growth

To create more value for your customers you have to understand your customer's needs in different segments and communicate a compelling value proposition.

We help you to re-design your product / service offerings to offer more value to your customers and generating profitable growth for you.

Pricing - Capacent

Add transparency to your pricing processes

Pricing requires a persistent end-to-end approach: strategic price setting, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, sufficient tools and systems, governance and a flexible, future-oriented mindset.

We can identify bottlenecks and sources of price leakage in your existing process and create an actionable roadmap to streamline the process and block the leakages.

Pricing concept test

Choose the most potential service concepts for piloting

Are you innovating new service concepts? Through well-designed concept tests we enable you to get an understanding of the attractiveness of the concept ideas, and an estimate of the optimal price range and pricing model to help you to develop a business case for the new concepts – and choose the ideas with the most potential for piloting.

Key benefits of taking a strategic approach to pricing

  • Reach your strategic targets: pricing decisions are key to growing market share, revenue, improving profit margins, or in gaining entry to new markets or market segments
  • Increase customer satisfaction: well-defined offerings with logical pricing make it easier for the customers to choose the most suitable option for their needs
  • Enhance customer lifetime value: pricing decisions can have a big impact on customer loyalty and reducing churn


  • Increase employee satisfaction: logical pricing makes your offering easier to sell and deliver
  • Less confusion and reduce the cost of sales: clear processes, mandates and supporting tools help your sales organization defend your price levels
  • Strengthen your brand: price is often an important element in your brand image – make sure your pricing supports your brand and doesn’t work against i

What we do?

Examples of specific areas where we can help you:

  • Assessing and stopping price leakages due to e.g. dysfunctional price structures, processes and governance
  • Defining and developing pricing strategies for your core and ancillary offering
  • Gaining and understanding of the underlying needs of different customer segments and estimating their willingness to pay


  • Designing competitive pricing models including setting list prices, discounting structures and policies across multiple sales channels / countries / customer segments
  • Enhancing the pricing competencies – the skills, knowledge and attitudes – your organization needs to be successful both today and in the future

How we work with you - From a business case to measured sustainable results

We tailor our projects according to the specific needs of our customers.

  • Begin by understanding the customer’s business and specific needs to make sure we are solving the right problem
  • Hands-on collaboration with the customer’s team


  • Fact-based approach, based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Weekly project & change management with individual coaching

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