Customer Profitability Management

We help you improve customer profitability to achieve your profit targets by smarter pricing and better cost efficiency.​

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Customer profitability management focus on pricing and cost

To ensure profitable growth you need full transparency on your customer profitability. Focusing on topline is not enough and to fully manage your profitability you need to understand what customers and products are the most valuable to your business.

Pricing is the most efficient driver to increase profit but to improve overall profitability you need to manage both pricing and cost.

We help you get transparency on your pricing models and discounting structure as well as tools to improve your cost to serve. ​

With increased visibility, we can revisit your pricing strategy and methods and plan pricing and discount models that allow you to steer your business and make the most profitable decisions concerning your customers.

How customer profitability management affects your bottom line?

Customer profitability - Capacent

Efforts directed to improvements that matter the most

​Managing customer profitability relies on fact based and transparent understanding of your customer profit drivers. When your organisation is aligned on where and how you make money, it allows you to focus your improvement efforts on where it counts.

Pricing models

New pricing models speed up your profitable growth

With new pricing and discount models, you can better capture customer willingness to pay, accelerate growth, and direct demand towards a more profitable business.​

With visibility to cost drivers you can work to find new ways to package, sell, deliver, and service your customer with more focused cost to serve.

Improved profit

Permanently improved profit

Your pricing decisions have far reaching impacts. With the right understanding and dynamic tools, your sales organization is better equipped to argue your prices and offering. Combined with a clear understanding of your profit drivers, you can secure recurring profitability optimization with both price and volume.

How we work with you - From a business case to measured sustainable results

We work hands-on with our customers to build the insights, visibility and tools needed to improve capabilities, empower people and achieve measurable profitability improvement, now and in the future.

Read more about our Changemakers toolbox, project framework, and pricing on How we work -page:

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