Substantial boost of profit and cash flow

For more than 20 years we have worked with 50+ Finnish companies to substantially boost their profit and cash flow. Our clients are mid-sized and large companies in various industries, and we help them become more profitable by releasing cash from operations, optimizing supply chain performance and by improving their bottom-line with smarter pricing strategies.

Our services


These core competencies combined with business analytics expertise enable us to provide our clients transparency on the current state of their business. Data visualizations are used to form meaningful KPIs for reliable decision-making and optimize our clients’ business operations.

A project run by Capacent’s experienced professionals is structured, fact-based, value focused and managed hands-on with a weekly rhythm to ensure action translates into results.


We focus on the people at the center of the transformation. We provide them with a purpose and the required skills and tools and support their development into high-performing teams and as individuals. The active collaboration throughout the project all the way from the define and plan phases through the critical implementation phase secures the financial results and ensures that the changes become both permanent and self-sustained.