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What do we consider essential for successful change?

People need targets toward which to aim in order to achieve controlled change. A compelling rationale for change is a prerequisite for people to adapt to and accept new ways of working.


Once the change process has begun transparency on progress vs set goals is important. Best results are achieved by sharing relevant information with people in a structured way and on a regular basis. This helps individuals take ownership over jointly agreed actions and take the next steps to reach the target.


Common goal

  • Measurable target and quick wins​
  • Management commitment ​
  • Project story to create a shared sense of urgency

  • strat

    People first

  • Engage key persons and gain buy-in​
  • Work cross-functionally to break silos
  • Manage conflicts with key influencers

  • operations

    Structured approach

  • Fact-based focus on activities which drive key results​
  • Standard set of tools to meet your operative needs
  • Weekly rhythm and hands-on actions

  • The Capacent DePES™ framework for implementation

    Achieving sustainable results requires that people make genuine changes to the way they work. In order to make it happen our consultants work with your people from top management to the factory floor to get the organization committed and to guarantee the implementation of the desired changes.

    The Capacent DePES™ project framework has been honed over hundreds of projects and helps our customers achive the jointly agreed ambitious targets and ensure sustainable results also after the project has ended.

    DePES™ consists of Define, Plan, Execute and Sustain phases. 


    Through data analysis and interviews Capacent project team uncovers improvement opportunities and creates transparency over functions.

    These findings are turned into insights and actions in cross-functional workshop that also acts as a first step in creating commitment to change.

    Typically 4 - 8 weeks

    Common understanding of challenges and potential development initiatives – is there a business case or not.

    plan and execute phase Capacent

    Together with our customer’s key project resources the insights from the define phase are turned into project streams with milestones and KPI’s

    Through systematic work rhythm the plans are turned into actions that deliver the desired results.

    Typically 6 - 12 months

    Result from plan
    Detailed deployment plan per stream (activities, timeline, resources)

    Result from execute
    Target reached, stronger organization


    To ensure sustainable results a resource light follow-up process is used to make sure desired progress continues and if problems arise they can be dealt with focused actions.

    Typically 6 - 12 months

    Governance and monitoring in place to enable further improvements in operative processes


    What is the investment?

    With hundreds of projects successfully executed together with our customers, we at Capacent are ready to put our money where our mouths are.

    In the Capacent DePES™ model, the improvement opportunities are evaluated in the first phase (Define). Although essential for future development and change, defining the opportunities and focus areas doesn’t yet deliver any improvements for us to tie our fee to, hence, the Define phase is always priced with a fixed fee.

    Once the Define phase is complete and implementation of solutions begins, Capacent is prepared to tie up to 50% of our normal fee* to achieved results. In these situations, as we share the risk with our customer, we believe it only to be fair that we will also share the benefits received.

    *Compared to the same project with a fixed fee.

    Two fee models - you choose

    Capacent DePES model

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