Our Company

    We are changemakers, making people and value grow

    Capacent is a Nordic management consulting company, specialized in improving our customer’s profitability with sustainable results. We have a proven track record in enhancing working capital efficiency and increasing pricing power. Especially, mid-sized and large companies in various industries rely on us when targeting a substantial boost of their profit and cash flow. Our projects demand a change within existing way of working for our customer, which is why we focus on people and work together with our customers to reach the results.

    As technologies are disrupting industries, companies turn to partnerships to ensure relevant expertise and pace in their transformations. Our customers partner with us to execute these changes in order to enhance their profitability and cash flow. In the pace of business today, time should not be wasted on trying to accomplish everything alone. Organisations that choke on actions might miss out on opportunities. Working together we can make larger impact in a shorter time.

    Management consulting today is far more than analytics and recommendations. For us, consulting is about delivering measurable and lasting results. What we recommend, we take responsibility to realize together with our customers. We don’t believe in standard solutions. To deliver substantial impact on our clients’ business operations, we need to understand our client’s uniqueness and co-create customized solutions. That’s what we have done ever since our launch as part of ABB in the 1990’s.

    Therefore, we make change happen by empowering organizations and people to perform better in an ever more complex world. We work with top management to the shop floor in a very pragmatic and hands-on manner.