How we work

We work hands-on with our customers to build the insights, visibility and tools needed to improve capabilities, empower people and achieve measurable profitability improvement, now and in the future.

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Strong collaboration with customer from day one

We are operative Changemakers that work hands-on with our customers to build the insights, visibility and tools needed to improve capabilities, empower people and achieve measurable profitability improvement, now and in the future. Together we solve relevant problems and increase learning to support organizational growth. 

We know that the solutions that have an impact today will not age well unless continuously improved and adapted to future needs. Therefore we always involve your team in the value creation process from day one.

What our customers say about working with us? 

Listen how Caverion's CEO Ari Lehtoranta describes our cooperation:

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Cornerstones of the Changemakers toolbox

As your partner we help you set the direction, build motivation and pave the way so that your teams can create your future success stories. Many organisations today are choking on actions while trying to transform. We can't do all at once, we must dare to make the selection between must haves and nice to haves. Therefore we focus on the solutions with the highest impact. Throughout the years we have developed a Changemakers tool box that we use to ensure our customers are moving from doing to achieving. 



Value focus

- Fix root causes, not symptoms.

- Focus on solutions with the highest impact.

- Continuously manage the value focus within the limits set by people capacity.​


Full transparency

- Create analytics that give you the visibility to progress and to challenge current myths and ways of working in a fact based manner.

- Set forward looking and operative KPIs to ongoingly reflect on that what we do has the impact we expect.

- Measure the change to continuously feed motivation.​


High clock speed

- Use a weekly rhythm to maintain momentum, to identify problems and conflicts early and to ensure that these are promptly solved.


Stakeholder engagement

- Use a compelling story and communication scheme to motivate people, from the board room to the shop floor.

- Co-create solutions to ensure relevancy and reduce resistance.​

The Capacent DePES™ framework for implementation

Achieving sustainable results requires that people make genuine changes to the way they work. In order to make it happen our consultants work with your people from top management to the factory floor to get the organization committed and to guarantee the implementation of the desired changes.

The Capacent DePES™ project framework has been honed over hundreds of projects and helps our customers achieve the jointly agreed ambitious targets and ensure sustainable results also after the project has ended.

DePES™ consists of Define, Plan, Execute and Sustain phases. 


Through data analysis and interviews Capacent project team uncovers improvement opportunities and creates transparency over functions.

These findings are turned into insights and actions in cross-functional workshop that also acts as a first step in creating commitment to change.

Typically 4 - 8 weeks

Common understanding of challenges and potential development initiatives – is there a business case or not.

plan and execute phase Capacent

Together with our customer’s key project people the insights from the define phase are turned into improvement themes and execute modules of 3 months each.

Through hands-on collaboration with our customers we bring the solutions, visibility and tools needed to change the ways of working and achieve results. We design, test, iterate and motivate with a weekly rhythm.

Typically 6 - 12 months in total and agreed in modules of 3 months

Result from plan
Detailed deployment plan per stream (activities, timeline, resources)

Result from execute
Target reached, stronger organization


To ensure sustainable results a resource light follow-up process is used to make sure desired progress continues and if problems arise they can be dealt with focused actions.

Typically 6 - 12 months

Governance and monitoring in place to enable further improvements in operative processes


What is the investment?

We work with both a fixed fee and a success fee model. The monthly size of our assignments are typically between 0.5 to 3 FTEs (Full Time Equivalent). The assignment size is decided for each module separately. Our FTE price ranges between 32-40 kEUR. ​

When the cooperation is specified and agreed for the entire road map at once, we can offer a success fee model to share the risk and benefits throughout the journey.

Shall we start the cooperation?

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