Female Talent Program.

Are you a driven female student and curious about a career in management consulting? If so, Capacent offers just the right opportunity for you! The purpose of Capacent Female Talent program is to show you Capacent’s view of management consulting, the Nordic way, and inspire talented young women to pursue a career within this challenging and exciting industry. The program is focused on your personal development offering you case solving, practice in interview and presentation techniques, and much more. You will acquire valuable insight into the management consulting industry and build a network with other highly driven students. This is an exceptional platform for your future employment and a unique opportunity to start your career at Capacent in the Analyst Rotational Program. A number of former Female Talent students have started their career at Capacent after completing the program.

What we offer.

The program takes place this fall and consists of three half-day seminars including presentation technique training, case exercises, interview training, and personal development discussions. Consultants at Capacent will support the candidates during all sessions.

Experienced women with insight in the industry will speak about their careers and key takeaways. Senior members of the Capacent organization will lead discussions on topics vital for a management consulting firm.

Furthermore, the program offers coaching sessions where each candidate will receive a highly skilled and dedicated senior consultant as a personal adviser. These sessions are individual and will take place at the local office in Stockholm, Göteborg or Malmö.

The two first seminars will take place at the Stockholm office September 7 and September 27 from 12.00 to approximately 20.00. The third seminar will begin at the Stockholm office October 20 followed by an overnight stay at Yasuragi Spa until lunch time October 21. All three occasions are mandatory. Capacent will assist the candidates with travel arrangements.


The application period has closed for the program starting in September 2017. Next opportunity to apply for the program will open up during spring of 2018. If you are interested in the program send an email to femaletalent@capacent.se, and we will let you know when the application period has opened up again. 


Building the team
7 September

Interview training
Analyst on the job

Individual coaching 1

Develop the individual
27 September

Capacent consultant journey
Seminar: Get inspired
Presentation technique
Guesstimate exercise

Individual coaching 2

Kick-start your career
20 – 21 October 

Individual and group case
Reflection and individual feedback
Dinner and stay over at Yasuragi Spa

Blog post.

For further questions
please contact:

Kajsa Grön Petersén
Telephone: +46 70 340 40 62
E-mail: kajsa.gron-petersen@capacent.se

Frida Rogberg
Telephone: +46 73 814 05 79
E-mail: frida.rogberg@capacent.se

Capacent Female Talent Program gave me not only the opportunity to network with inspiring young women from all over the country, but also to get to know the employees and culture of Capacent. Great training sessions combined with inspiring talks and fun activities gave me insight into a working environment that I wanted to become a part of.

Ida Karlsson

Analyst at Capacent and participant in FTP 2015

By participating in Female Talent Program I got insight about the daily life of a management consultant. Seeing how Capacent consultants live the values of The Nordic Way not only got me interested in applying for a position at Capacent, but the personal development activities in the program also made me well prepared for the recruitment process.

Janna Forsén

Consultant at Capacent and participant in FTP 2014

Capacent Female Talent Program gave me valuable insight into what management consulting is and can be. The Nordic, non-hierarchical values as well as the company’s value and work-life balance focus appealed to me and was a big part of the reason I chose to apply for a job at Capacent.

Sara Thelin

Manager at Capacent and participant in FTP 2012