RAPALA: Creating a scalable discount model


Rapala has been managing discounts locally on every market. The Group has recently identified a need for a company-wide approach to discounts, securing both profit and the right price to every customer.

Case Rapala


What was done

A group discounting framework was designed and further developed into a Scandinavian discount model. This concept and model provide Rapala with a future proof concept that is scalable to fit all their markets. The model:

  • Sets the right price to every customer​
  • Promotes volume, marketing performance, and favorable commercial conditions​
  • Gives the customer transparency and motivation to improve in dimensions that benefit Rapala


The Rapala discount model provides clear rules for the sales organization regarding discount levels. The model enables sales to “argue for a discount” and know why it has a certain level. Further, it gives the customer a discount that is fair and motivating, and sales experiences that the heat is taken off of them.

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