PAULIG: Improved service and lower working capital levels


Paulig’s Russian operation, the 2nd largest distributor of roasted coffee in the country, faced an immense challenge with high working capital. Their top priority became to optimize cash flow and working capital, particularly stock levels, without risking the daily business.

The Paulig group, a customer of Capacent since 2010, is an international family owned Finnish company. They are specialized in colonial and health foods with brands like Santa Maria and Risenta.



What was done

We started off by hosting several workshops together with Paulig, both in Finland and in Russia. Thereafter, during a year of tight cooperation, we went through our project phases; analyse, planning, execution and sustain.The main outcome was to manage and balance production with target stock levels and actual demand information, instead of sales estimates, known for their uncertainty.


The target was to reduce working capital per sales by 30% and this figure was reached after finished project. Among other positive effects were optimised stock levels, improved service levels and reduced production waste.

The key success factor was thorough and precise data analysis to map the current state and to define targets and plans based on these findings. Another important contribution was our tight cooperation with the customer over time.

“The Capacent project model combines a high ambition level with an inspiring way of working and measurable targets.”

– Mats Danielsson, Senior Vice President, CFO, Paulig LTD

“It required courage to test the demand based planning model, but it resulted in tangible results.”

– Timo Tuukkanen, Plant Manager, Paulig Russia