MAIN­T­PARTNER: Working capital at your fingertips, with QlikSense


Maintpartner, one of the leading industrial maintenance service provider in Northern Europe, cooperated with Capacent on a program aiming to optimize its working capital and cash flow. What was needed was analytics tools and reporting for Maintpartner to efficiently analyze and follow up on the development and root causes affecting working capital and cash flow.

MAINTPARTNER: Working capital at your fingertips, with QlikSense


What was done

Analysis tools created in the working capital program were used as the initial specifications and new applications were implemented to Maintpartner’s Qlik Sense framework. During the project we ensured a robust model for data management and created five separate Qlik Sense applications with a total of 23 analysis sheets, all reflecting the key information used to manage working capital at Maintpartner. Use of the applications in practice was ensured by training the key users and integrating the reports to the regular steering procedures.

As an end result easy access and visibility to the factors affecting working capital and cash flow were enabled through self-service analytics using Qlik Sense.

The most important change and results were achieved with following actions

1. Gaining solid understanding of the data, requirements and business logics involved

2. Continuous collaboration and communication during data setup and Qlik Sense application development with the data owner to ensure data validity and accuracy

3. Efficient combination of data from multiple sources to the Qlik Sense applications

4. Iterative Implementation of the Qlik Sense applications using a quick paced and agile methodology